Teachers who aren’t allowed to teach...

Teaching is such a beautiful profession... where we aren’t actually allowed to do our jobs. The concept of not teaching makes me feel emotions I don’t know how to control.

But it begs the question... have we ever been allowed to actually teach? Is the focus in not allowing children to eat in class more important than considering that might be all they have to eat? Keeping a coat on in class is not uniform policy but maybe that student comes from a family where they can’t afford extra heating at night?

Are we supposed to teach children to pass exams or learn how to survive in the bastard of a world we live? How to take care of themselves and their family... and their health.

Teachers are so much more than their subject and their results. We are human beings who love our students like they are our family. Some students spend more time with us than with their own parents. And it is our job to make sure they learn but also that they are safe, they feel loved and appreciated, that they know they are worthy of love and acceptance and that that know, whatever the piece of paper says, we believe in them!

Government... LET US BE TEACHERS!!! Peace 🙏🏻#teachersofinstagram #teachers #teachingismyjam #education #bbcnews #teaching_english #school

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