On the day of the launch of Too Tall Theatre Co. I am finding myself questioning things. Am I actually going to be able to make the difference I want? It’s like getting ready to step in to the classroom for the first time at the start of September. My mission when I set up this company, was to offer a local community service to support young people who had or were having a tough time. Somewhere they can go, be themselves and achieve beautiful things. But it occurred to me over my 7th anxiety coffee of the morning, what if these young people don’t want to be helped? What if they have never known anything else and they are just going to dig their heels in?

I have always had a reputation for being able to reach the harder to access students with my humanistic teaching style but, I don’t know, something isn’t sitting right. I feel like I want the young people that do come to Too Tall tonight to take ownership of it. I literally want them to call it theirs, my team and I will literally be the facilitators for them. Whatever art we create, I want them to be proud of it and that is when we will see their confidence start to grow. It’s exactly the same in a classroom, at home or anywhere. There comes a point in emotional and mental growth that we have to give them ownership of themselves. These young people will be coming to us because they might feel discombobulated or they might have been told they need to attend to attempt to ‘change’. I want to make this clear, I don’t want to change them. I want them to redistribute their energy in a positive way. Reduce the negativity in their lives and have a consistent, positive goal to aim for. If they change themselves and see a real difference then that is all that matters.

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