Do you always need extra motivation on a Monday?

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

The majority of people I know have an issue with a Monday morning. Maybe you’re like me. In my house, the weekends are charged with early starts and lots of food, while Monday morning usually involve all of the children being removed from bed with a crowbar. There is always that little bit of me on a Sunday night that just thinks, ‘oh god, here we go again’, and braces myself...

The thing with a Monday is that it is actually the opportunity for a new start, every single week. Surely we should be embracing that and running with it, rather than starting each new week already plunged in to huge amounts of self doubt. I Am setting you a challenge this week. Each day, when you go to bed, there should be one thing from that day that makes you smile. Maybe a kind gesture to or from a colleague, a surprise text or email, an unseen opportunity... or simply sharing a moment with the person next to you in the costa queue. Everyday, find that smile and carry the Monday motivation through your week. Have a good one!

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